Welcome to my Blog!  I’m not a professional cook or a foodie, but in my imagination I ROCK MY OWN FOOD NETWORK SHOW. Here you’ll find my trials and tribulations with cooking, baking, photography and whatever new project I decide to take on. I promise that whatever I do, it will be sweet and saucy!

A little about me…

I am a teacher by trade and self-taught cake designer and entrepreneur.  I have a slight addiction to Etsy and Pinterest and LOVE all things Photography and Cake. I love funny movies, cuddling with my daughter, cookbooks with pictures, fresh new journals, banana cream pie, collecting cake stands & spend hours and hours at Chapters or Barnes & Noble when I’m State side. I seem to almost always have too many projects on the go, but I can’t help myself…I am trying to conquer the world!


I married Ken in 2008 on a rooftop in New York City!   50 of our closest family and friends came to our favourite city and watched on as we said our vows…the entire weekend was sublime.  We got to share our most favourite places in NYC, including a private double Decker tour around Manhattan, a private rehearsal dinner at Lil’ Frankies, and honestly, had the BEST tasting wedding cake ever!   It has been one of the most memorable moments in my life.


Photographed by Isabel Belfor



Miss K was born 10 months later at 5lbs 9 oz. She entered the world within minutes of me going into labour (THANK GOD)!!! Ever since she has come into my life, she has turned it inside out, upside down and has made my LIFE AMAZING. There are no words to describe how happy she makes me and how much I love her.  We are so blessed to have this little piece of Heaven in our lives.  She’s so full of life, she’s silly, intelligent & beautiful…not to mentioned maybe a touch Sassy and Spoiled.



We have a saying etched on our entry way in our home that says, “Just one life time is not enough for us.”  I love that saying because there is so much we want to accomplish and see in the world that we have to make this lifetime count!  This website is to help remind me, Ken and our friends and family that we are doing just that…living a life we want to it’s  fullest.

Sweet Entrepreneur

                                                                                                   photo credit: Irene Austen Photography

I am the founder of Edmonton’s first custom cake shop, Whimsical Cake Studio Inc.  I learned that running a business made me crazy…and made me even crazier during busy parts of the year.  But it was a good crazy! Whimsical was my first baby and I loved her. I got to work with great friends and family and design cakes for amazing clients.  Decorating cakes was my Zen garden.

After 9 years of cakes, that chapter has ended for now to possibly be continued in a few years. You can read about this incredible journey here.

Currently, you’ll find me busy growing my new online party and cake decorating supply shop, Sweet Social.

As an entrepreneur, I look forward to new endeavors and challenges that are to come.